Smart Wave 20
  • Smart Wave 20
  • Smart Wave 20
  • Smart Wave 20
  • Smart Wave 20

Smart Wave 20

Smart Wave is a modern circulation pump that ensures efficient water flow even in the most demanding aquariums. The intelligent controller allows for a range of remote adjustments, including setting four circulation modes (constant, sine, square, and random), ensuring optimal water flow in tanks with even the most advanced arrangements and demanding tank stocking. The submerged parts of the pump are specially protected against water, guaranteeing exceptionally long and trouble-free operation. The ergonomic design minimizes the risk of rust, providing quiet and energy-efficient device operation.

The Reef Factory product is available in three versions with different power levels:

  • Smart Wave 10 - Water flow rate 4000 L/h, power 10W

  • Smart Wave 20 - Water flow rate 10000 L/h, power 20W

  • Smart Wave 30 - Water flow rate 13000 L/h, power 30W


Key features:

  • Modern design and a wide flow stream

  • Control through the Smart Reef app with 4 pump operation modes: constant, sine, square, and random

  • Double sealing of the parts that come into contact with water significantly reduces the risk of rusting

  • Wide range of pump adjustment settings in the aquarium

  • quiet and energy-efficient work of the pump

  • Additional display on the controller showing the pump power in percentages

  • High energy efficiency - excellent flow to power consumption ratio (4000 L/h - 10W, 10,000 L/h - 20W, 13,000 L/h - 30W)

  • 12-month warranty