Mg Smart tester Reagents pack
  • Mg Smart tester Reagents pack

Mg Smart tester Reagents pack

Mg Smart tester Reagents pack 

Ready-to-use, pre-calibrated set of Mg measuring reagents, intended for testing key parameters of sea water using the Smart tester measuring device.

The Smart tester independently collects water from the aquarium for testing, performs the measurement and saves the result in the Smart Reef application. You can check the results and history of measurements in the app at any time.

Magnesium participates in the process of calcium absorption in marine animals. To take the best care of your aquarium, it is worth measuring this parameter regularly.

Key features of the reagent:

  • measurement range: 800-1800 ppm,

  • measuring definition: 10 ppm,

  • accuracy: 50ppm / 5%,

  • test duration: ~40-60min,

  • number of measurements from one set: ~50 (depending on the concentration of Mg ions),

  • easy replacement of the measured parameter, thanks to the reagents in convenient cartridges,

  • pre-calibrated cartridges facilitate the process of maintaining the device,

  • high repeatability and measurement accuracy,

  • convenience and time saving.


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