Salinity guardian
  • Salinity guardian
  • Salinity guardian

Salinity guardian

The Reef Factory Salinity Guardian is an innovative device for continuously monitoring the salinity of marine aquarium water. It is characterised by its precise operation and modern design. Thanks to the use of high-quality sensors, we can be sure that the salinity of our aquarium is under good control. Another advantage of the Salinity Guardian is that it can be paired with the Smart Reef system giving us constant insight into the operation of our aquarium equipment from anywhere in the world.

Smart Reef App

All you need to control Smart device is the free Smart Reef app. You can install it on your mobile device (Android, iOS) or operate from a browser. Just pair the device with your Smart Reef account to enjoy a wide range of smart features.


Smart functionalities:

  • 24/7 constant work with rare calibration

  • Remote control directly from your mobile-phone

  • Alarms - when salinity level is too low or too high (notification or email on your phone)

  • Measurements history

  • High quality Lab grade probe

  • Reef safe probe

  • Easy configuration and calibration

  • User-friendly app