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KH keeper Plus

KH keeper Plus is a modern device that independently draws water from the aquarium for testing, performs the measurement and saves the result in the Smart Reef application. You can check the results and history of measurements in the application at any time.

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Plug: Universal
Version: Normal

Key features:

● automatic measurement and stabilization of KH in the aquarium

● high repeatability and measurement accuracy up to 0.01 dKH

● very quiet operation

● compact size

● KH status signaled by LED diodes

● ensuring the safety of animals

● 1 L of reagent allows for an average of 1429 tests

A stable KH level in the aquarium is important for maintaining optimal coral growth conditions. To take the best care of your aquarium, measure this parameter regularly. KH keeper Plus will do it for you. High-quality components and intuitive software guarantee high accuracy of carbonate hardness measurement up to 0.01 dKH.

LED backlight

The device is equipped with an LED backlight. When a measurement is taken, the LED color changes to blue. If the last measurement was within the correct range, the KH keeper Plus lights up green, on the other hand the red color indicates a deficiency or exceeding of the acceptable KH values in the water.

Concentrated reagent

KH keeper Plus works on the basis of a concentrated reagent. It should be mixed in a ratio of 1:9. 1 L of concentrated reagent and 9 L of RO/DI water gives 10 L of ready-to-use measuring fluid, which should last for approx. 1429 tests.

Automatic actions

In the Smart Reef app, actions can be used to set the integration of KH keeper Plus with Dosing pumps from Reef Factory. Thanks to this, based on the measurement, the Dosing pumps will automatically correct the KH level in the aquarium.

Important note! The dosing pump is sold separately.

Smart functionalities in the Smart Reef application:

● setting the frequency of automatic KH measurements (even every hour)

● transparent history of measurements up to a year back

● notifications in the application about the measurement result

● possibility to test out of schedule

● setting automatic action between KH keeper Plus and Dosing pump

● information on the amount of reagent used

● notification about the need to calibrate the device


Device dimensions and weight:

length 13.6 cm / 5.4 in

width 9.7 cm / 3.8 in

height 21 cm / 8.3 in

weight 1340 g

Power specification:

Supply voltage 100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Power consumption 0.5-4.0W max

The devices are CE certified

The set includes:

● the device

● probe

● beaker 100 ml

● instruction

● calibration fluids - 2 pieces

● reagent 150 ml

● electronic scale

● hose and connector

● water filter hanger

● mixing pill

● power adapter 12V 1.0A EU/UK/AU/US

● neodymium magnet to reset the device

* Additional mounting accessories and spare parts

The Reef Factory offer includes reagents in 1 L and 2.5 L bottles, as well as spare parts for self- replacement and additional accessories.

Smart Reef +

Reef Factory offers many Smart products designed for easy and convenient management of a marine aquarium. Build your own system based on Smart devices and control them from one user-friendly application!


Data sheet

9.7 cm
21 cm
13.6 cm
Supply voltage
100-240V AC 50/60Hz
1340 g
Power consumption
0.5-4.0W max

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