Dosing pump CR Calcium reactor
  • Dosing pump CR Calcium reactor
  • Dosing pump CR Calcium reactor
  • Dosing pump CR Calcium reactor

Dosing pump CR Calcium reactor

The Dosing pump CR is a modern peristaltic pump based on a stepper motor, dedicated to a calcium reactor or anywhere precise continuous dosing is required (without dividing into doses). For the proper growth and health of corals and other calcareous organisms, specific water parameters are required. A calcium reactor is an excellent solution that automatically maintains a stable level of calcium and alkalinity in a marine aquarium. The Smart Reef application enables remote management of dosing, characterized by an intuitive panel and efficient WiFi communication, allowing you to stay up to date with what's happening in your tank.

Key features:

  • Flow regulation with an accuracy of 0.01 ml/min

  • Pump designed for continuous operation

  • Pump performance adjustable in the application from 0.1 to 62 ml of liquid per minute

  • Quiet and precise operation of proprietary dosing pumps by Reef Factory

  • Precise flow regulation independent of pressure changes

  • High-precision stepper motor

  • The used tubes are made of high chemical resistance BPT material

  • Compact size and modern design

  • Easy installation in the sump using a DIN rail