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Smart Components

KH, Ca, Mg Smart Components

is a kit for supplementing minerals in marine aquariums. Developed with high precision by specialists in

chemistry and marine aquaristics. Specially developed formula and proportions of ingredients. Regular

dosage ensures healthy growth of corals. The recipe, in addition to the main ingredients such as KH, Ca

and Mg, contains Iodine, Strontium, Potassium, Sulfur and many other essential micro-nutrients. It is a

complete solution to fully supply the aquarium with what demanding corals need.

Size: 3x1L

Key Features:

● Optimal formula for the growth and health of marine organisms including demanding corals

● high quality composition and reproducible formulation

● each batch tested by Reef Lab ICP-OES

● dedicated dosing panel in Smart Reef application

Two capacity versions. Dedicated 1L containers for nano tanks and 5L containers for larger tanks. A

complete formula to replenish minerals and keep the parameters in the marine aquarium at the right


KH Smart Component

contains: HCO3 and trace elements (F, I). Adding 10 ml of KH Smart Component raises KH level by 0.57

dKH in 100 L of water. Adjust the dose of KH Smart Component according to measurements of KH

consumption in the aquarium.

Ca Smart Component

contains: Ca, Sr and trace elements (Ba, Fe, Mo, Mn, Cr ,Co Ni, Zn, V, Cu). Adding 10 ml of Ca Smart

Component raises Calcium level by 4 mg/l (ppm) in 100 L of water. Adjust the dose of Ca Smart

Component according to measurements of calcium consumption in the aquarium.

Mg Smart Component

contains: Mg, S, K, Sr, B and trace element Li. Adding 10 ml of Mg Smart Component raises Mg level by

0.34 mg/l (ppm) in 100 L of water. Adjust the dose of Mg Smart Component according to measurements

of magnesium consumption in the aquarium.

Smart Components - complete solution!


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